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James & Nats Sailing Zephyr

Welcome to Sailing Zephyr

If you like what we are doing and what to join the Zephyr family as we sail around the world, you can support our journey by becoming a Patron. You will get early access to our videos, exclusive content and goodies!


Zephyr needs a new
navigation system

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Zephyr’s Chart Plotter is dead. This is the last major repair before we set off for the next 20,000 nm of sailing. So if you would like help support the replacement …CLICK the DONATE button. Every dollar is a major help!


Over the last 4 years our chart plotter has been dying a slow death. We’ve scrimped and saved so many times to try and replace it only to use the money we’ve saved to fix something else. We even tried reaching out to Raymarine more times than we can remember and unfortunately we haven’t even had one response. Ultimately the dream would be to change to B&G (who did respond to us)but that would mean changing so much equipment. Which is impossible to afford. So we are forced to stay with Raymarine. This repair is unfortunately going to crush us and we don’t want to let this be the end. 


Thank you to all the amazing people out there that have supported us along the way. We are truly humbled and the journey continues thanks to you. 

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Who are we?

We are an adventurous couple from Australia who bought a sailboat to explore the amazing sites of the world. With zero clue on how to sail, we left our desk jobs, sold everything we had and bolted for Zephyr in the Caribbean. With your support, every week we will share our adventures, hilarious moments and amazing sights from the places we visit. 

Along the way, we hope to inspire awareness in marine conservation through the wonderful people we meet and engage in a more sustainable way of living.

What type of boat?

Well that part is easy. Zephyr is a 2010 Beneteau Oceanis 43. She's the 3 cabins, 2 heads version with some great upgrades. The story of how we bought Zephyr and the journey she's gone through to becoming our home is much more interesting.


If your interested in knowing more about how Nat and I got Zephyr or you just want to geek out over boat details, check out the Boat page. Full run down on everything from specs, kit and planned upgrades.



Latest Video

2300nm of MOTORING on a SAILBOAT...WHY? | Sailing Zephyr - Ep. 175

2300nm of MOTORING on a SAILBOAT...WHY? | Sailing Zephyr - Ep. 175

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