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The Boat

The next questions that usually follow after "How can you afford to sail?" generally are "What kind of boat is Zephyr?" and "How much did it cost?". Whilst we aren't ready to go over price just yet (and we promise we will), below is a little bit about our home.

Zephyr is a 2010 Beneteau Oceanis 43. She's kitted out with some cool features such as a stern arch with 2 x 410w Sun Power Solar Panels, water maker and a davit system for carrying the tender. She has 3 double berths and 2 heads along with a comfy salon. We got lucky as her previous owners were down right meticulous in looking after her and insuring that there is a spare for every spare part on board. James can often be heard, as he is digging around in the aft lockers, 'Man, we got spares for days!". 

Before and After.png

Back Story... ​


One day, after Nat had spent some time going down the YouTube rabbit hole, she came across a few sailing channels and was immediately inspired. I came home from work one day and Nat said "We should buy a boat and sail the world!". My immediate reaction was "Really, I can't just give up my job and leave everything...sorry honey". A couple months later I fell down the YouTube rabbit hole and landed on some various sailing channels. To say I was immediately hooked would be an understatement and within about 30 mins I was turning around on the lounge and saying to Nat "ummm, maybe we should buy a boat".



With the help of our good friend Bobo (an amazing human & surfer from Tortola), we found Zephyr in a boat yard at Nanny Cay in the BVI's. She'd been stored for the 2017 storm season, when Irma decided to plow through uninvited. Fortunately, Zephyr only lost her mast and picked up a few bumps & scrapes. ​ We decided to make an offer and long story short, the next thing we knew we owned a boat in the BVI's that didn't have a mast. ​ I could talk about all the plans for Zephyr's fix-up and launch, but you'll be able to catch up on all the progress through our weekly videos.or in deeper detail through Patreon where we offer exclusive content to our Patrons.

Boat Tour - Inside

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