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Natalie, Nat Nat or Nat's. With a British mum and a Spanish dad, it's no surprise that Nat's is the combination of British humor, manners & Cornish pasty's, coupled with the typical Spanish passion for everything food. Growing up completely land locked in Madrid, it's no surprise that she developed a love for the ocean. To ease her suffering, Nat's cast herself into the swimming pool where she spent as much time as she could in the water. Granted, a pool is not the same as swimming in the clear beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean but it had to suffice. She was ridiculously competitive and won her fair share of events. But eventually, all the laps in the world would not quench her desire to get involved in the ocean.


Off came the togs and on came the hoodies and leggings as she flew off to Plymouth, UK to compete a marine biology degree.

8 years, several jobs and immigrating to Australia later, she decided we should buy a sailboat!

Nat's will write below that it's me who is orchestrating this project, but in truth, this craziest of adventures is her idea. Seeing the world and quenching her desire to learn more about global marine environments and hopefully spreading a little awareness on conservation are the joys she brings to this project. 



James Biking.jpg

James. Jimmy, Jamesy is truly the mastermind behind this whole project and exciting journey, but first let's start with his backstory.


James is Canadian. This explains it all. For me it explains his sense of adventure, his commitment and his never-ending apologizing for everything and anything. It also explains his amazing ability to be able to try anything for the  first time and nail it every time. Whilst, James grew up in Canada and led a very different lifestyle to me, we both ended up studying in the same University. From the very get go, I knew James could not sit still for a minute at a time. He always had to be active, always had to be doing something. I remember way back at the beginning of our relationship, both making a pact that we would teach each other different sports that we each enjoyed so that we could start doing them together. True enough to that story I have learnt how to surf, snowboard, wakeboard and rock climb, taught by the best. Meanwhile, James learnt how to scuba dive and to never say 'I'm full' to a Spaniard giving you more food (they just keep giving you more!). 

Without James we wouldn't be where we are today, thank goodness for his spreadsheets and his project management skills and his endless optimism. He truly is an incredible partner as well as a beautiful soul. 

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