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Ready to be a Salty Sailor?

A great opportunity to try the lifestyle before buying into it! 


Are you thinking about swapping land for sea? Is there a salty sailor lurking deep inside, ready for open space and an overwhelmingly awesome sense of freedom?


How about swimming in epic blue waters, snorkeling with marine life and exploring endless tropical islands?


Join us for a 7 day experience in the Caribbean to find out if it's time to make your sailing dream a reality.

Sailing Experience &
Confidence Building

Learn or hone sailing techniques, boat handling, sail trimming, weather routing & passage planning, dealing with squalls or adverse weather, navigating in and out of anchorages, anchoring, mooring and docking.

Explore 'The Stuff' That Keeps a Boat Working

Learn about boat maintenance, engine servicing, problem solving, watermakers, Solar, safety equipment & procedures, weather forecasting, boat organization and provisioning/cooking.

Hang Out with Other Cruisers and Explore

Experience what cruisers do for fun, how the community help each other and what they sit around and talk about. Enjoy snorkeling, fishing and exploring amazing islands. Listen to the daily cruiser Net. Hang out with other cruisers for sundowners.

What is the Zephyr Experience?

The Zephyr Experience is not like chartering a boat for a week and it's not a sailing school either. This is the opportunity to be fully immersed in the actual cruising lifestyle aboard a liveaboard sail boat. You will sail and live like a cruiser. Have the chance to hang out with other cruisers and understand what's involved to be a Salty Sailor.


Of course you will also have the chance to sail to tropical islands, see exotic white beaches, snorkel amazing dive sites and enjoy epic sunsets with a sundowner in hand.

Your bespoke experience will be set up for you to get an honest look at what it’s like to be onboard a real liveaboard sail boat...sail to beautiful destinations and operate as a couple or family.

Your experience aboard Zephyr will depend on what you/your partner/your family are looking for...and we’ll create an experience on Zephyr that includes any or all of the following (a few examples below).


Each experience is created bespoke for our guests. We will teach you what you want to learn. We will show you what you want to see. And we will help you take a giant leap towards making your cruising dreams a reality.

Anchoring, Mooring & Docking

Sailing Skills & Night Sailing


Provisioning & Cooking

Safety & Man Overboard Drills


Weather Routing & Passage Planning

Communications & VHF

What Will You Learn?


Perspective: "Do I really want to pursue this dream? Is it possible to make it happen?"
Spend a week as a salty sailor, testing out the cruising lifestyle to determine if you really want to spend $100,000’s on a boat. It always surprises us at how many people we meet that have spent  fortune (sometimes their life savings) on a boat, possibly spending years burning through more cash to fix it up, only to realize that sailing isn't for them or their partner or family. 


Your time aboard Zephyr will give you that immersive and bespoke experience into the lifestyle to help you truly determine if it’s a ‘YES’ for all everyone involved. Furthermore, getting experience will help you to determine whether now is the time to make your dreams a reality.

For some, it’s a solid achievement to have a crack at.
The Experience offers you an opportunity to physically be a part of the liveaboard, breathing, smelling, tasting and touching everything around you. Whether it's salt in your hair from a swim off the back of the boat, engine grease on your hands from a service, the smell of fish after catching a mahi mahi, or your hair blown back from the 20nm you just sailed, it's your opportunity to tick that box.

Being a liveaboard cruiser is the ultimate dream, but it requires hard work.
On board Zephyr you will get the chance to experience the good and the not-so-good. And the not-so-good isn’t bad…it’s just different from what we’ve grown to know and understand. As I always say, you don’t know what you don’t know. 
Boy – when it comes to owning and maintaining a boat you really don’t know what you don’t know.

Spending a week on Zephyr will help prospective boat buyers/owners/cruisers to bridge that gap.


So what is included in your contribution? Your contribution includes room and board on Zephyr for one week. We will create a custom made experience based on what you want to see, learn and do according to your requirements. Not included in the contribution is flights, airport transfers, alcohol, paid excursions (dives, land-based tours, etc.), and any meals eaten out at restaurants.


Contribution Terms: If your application process is successful, there is a $1,000 non-refundable booking/deposit contribution. The first 50% is due one month before the experience and the final contribution is due one week before (less the deposit). The Zephyr Experience is 7-days, however if you wish to stay longer, please indicate on your application.


Private Berth

Private Room with En-suite

7 days room & Board

Inquire within

*Prices in USD*

Private Berth

Private Room with En-suite

7 days room & Board

*Prices in USD*

If you are single person interested in sharing a berth, a special reduction is available. Inquire with your application.

*Prices in USD*

Single Person

Inquire within

Share Single

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Applicationn Form


Sailing Rope

Dec 2022

Exumas, Bahamas - Availability

Inquire about dates


Jan 2022

Exumas, Bahamas - Availability

Inquire about dates

Zephyr Application Form


Due to the high demand of this experience, we have limited openings available. We're looking for couples, singles, and families who truly want to make their sailing dreams a reality. If you are ready to take a massive leap and get your dreams in motion, please fill out the following form.

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